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Alresford Sea Angling Club is an association specifically for those sea anglers who love to fish the deepest water by going Charter Boat fishing.
The club organises ten or more trips per year costing around £30-50 per angler and using Charter Boats mainly out of South Coast ports and sometimes further afield.
Membership covers most of South /Central England. Alresford in North Hampshire is a convenient location to meet although many members only meet up at the Jetty.

The club welcomes new members (see below)

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Recent Trips

Pictures are available on the gallery page.

Membership Applications

Prospective new members are invited to contact the Club Secretary: john.flower@alresford-sac.com

ASAC Welcomes New Members.

If you are interested and have never tried boat fishing, read on. If you would like to come on a trip to see if you like it before you decide to join the club, feel free to contact the club secretary or trip secretary.

We often have spare places available on our outings.

Trips booked for this year and spare places may be found on the trip calendar which can be accessed from the Trip Information page.

The Club has a stock of fishing tackle which we can loan to new members and guests who are coming on their first trip.We will also supply the bait.

All boats booked have private toilet facilities.

Boats are fully licensed and carry the necessary safety equipment.

Skippers provide tea and coffee throughout the day.

Special offer to Members
Kiln Fired 10.5" Diameter Porcelain Decorative Fish Plates or Framed Plaques made to order.
Salmon, Pike, Perch, Trout, Carp, Bream, Dolphin,Tuna, Shark, Orca..............Any !
Contact Sec. for details/price

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