Cost per boat for trip            
Cost per person for trip (less bait)            
Day/Date     TBD Tue 24th October    
Boat Name     Mistress Osprey II    
Port     Whitby Keyhaven    
Fishing for     Offshore Inshore    
Club Subsidy              
Last update 28/09/20 2020 2020 2020 2020 2021 2021
Member 2018 First Name Surname Subs Paid Deposit Paid        
Yes Steve Boon   30        
Yes John Flower YES 60   Yes    
Yes Dave Fry YES 60 Yes      
Yes John Hutchinson YES 30 Yes      
Yes John Platt   45        
Yes Graham Smith YES 60        
Yes Phil Tidridge YES 60   Yes    
Yes Andy Pope   45        
Yes Kevin Gosling YES 60 Yes Yes    
Yes Neil Milner YES 60   Yes    
Yes David Webb YES 60        
Yes - Confirmed C - Cancelled Total Confirmed     Insufficient Numbers 4    
Available Spaces     May be moved to 2021 5    
## - Interested TBC To be Confirmed Max Number     8 4    
Booking Status---------------------------------------------------------------   Covid Restrictions apply