Membership Rules 2020

The Club aims to organise fishing trips and other events for Members. These rules are binding on all Members, but additional rules apply to ‘special’ events such as multi-day trips and competitions.


  1. The Club meets on the 1st Tuesday of every other month at 2000hrs at the venue chosen by the Committee (the first meeting being the AGM in February).
  2. The Club is not obliged to inform Members of any matter except at official Club Meetings.
    Note: The club maintains a web site with an administration page which will be used where possible to inform members of any matter of interest concerning meetings and booked trips.

Club Members

  1. The annual membership fee of £15 is due on the 1st January. Membership runs from 1st January to 31st December.
  2. Members may book fishing trips after they have paid a Trip deposit of £60, which must be maintained. This deposit will be used to underwrite the Member’s trip costs. Any unused deposits will be refunded if a Member leaves the club (See Finance Rule 4).
  3. Members must pay in full for any Trip for which they committed (See Trip arrangement rule 10) and any other costs or damages caused by the Member.
  4. Each Member is responsible for their own actions and wellbeing. The Club accepts no liability whatsoever for losses, damages or accidents, no matter how caused.  The Member must ensure they have adequate insurance as the Club accepts no liability of any kind.
  5. A Member may leave the Club at any time, but Membership fees and booked trips are non-refundable.
  6. A Member can be voted out of the Club.
  7. All Members have equal voting rights at Club Meetings.

How Trips Are Arranged

  1. Any Member can book a place on a Trip by informing the Trip Secretary or a Committee Member in his absence, after which the Member is committed to pay for the trip in full.
  2. A Member may withdraw from a trip by one of the following methods:
  3. a.  By selling their place to another Member who is then responsible for the full payment.
    b.  By informing the Secretary 2 months before the trip that they are withdrawing.

  4. If a Member does not pay for a trip on the day, the Club will use their trip deposit. That Member is then required to replace their trip deposit and any outstanding fees before they can participate in further trips or book another club trip. If the trip fees are not paid and trip deposit is not renewed, the Member may forfeit their place on their forthcoming booked trip(s) to the reserve.
  5. Trip charges may vary due to changing Boat Charter costs, which are beyond the Club’s control. These charges will be equally split between the Members booked on the Trip. If a boat is not fully booked, the committee may agree to subsidise the trip by using Club funds or will otherwise cancel the Trip.
  6. Trip costs may include a small reserve for the club and trip charges are not negotiable. Any trip profit will be to the account of the Club and not any individual Member(s).
  7. Members should use their own tackle, although the Club will be able to lend tackle to beginners.
  8. Members are responsible to pay for any club rods, reels and/or tackle they damage or lose.
  9. If too many Members wish to book a space on any one trip, the Committee will decide fairly who is to participate and will ensure that any Member(s) excluded will have priority for the next trip they wish to book.
  10. Trips may be cancelled at any time by the charter skipper or by the Committee if the Trip is not fully booked (See Commitee rule 2), the Club accepts no liability for this. In this eventuality no trip fees shall be incurred, nor will your trip deposit be affected.
  11. It is the responsibility of the Member to check if a trip on which they are booked is going ahead, it is not the responsibility of the Club or Committee to inform members. Trip participants may contact by telephone the Trip Secretary between 19.15-19.45 the night before the Trip, or you may call other members for information or consult the web site. Failure to do so may result in inconvenience and losses for which the Club accepts no liability.


  1. The Club is a non-profit making organisation and has no paid Members. However, Committee members may receive a complimentary membership in exchange for their services, but are still required to pay trip deposits.
  2. Club running costs and expenses are taken from the club funds, and records kept. Any Member can ask to inspect the books at any Monthly Meeting, so long as the Treasurer has been given sufficient  notice.
  3. The Club has its own Bank Account with Barclays Bank Ltd; all cheques are to be made payable to ‘ASAC’.
  4. If a member fails to renew a subscription for any year and has not indicated any intention to resign and recover their deposit, then outstanding annual membership subscriptions will be deducted from their deposit until all monies are used up. Club membership will then automatically cease.

The Committee

  1. Committee Members are elected volunteers and may be replaced by democratic majority vote. All Members will be made aware and will given the opportunity to attend a meeting in order to vote. This may or may not be a scheduled Monthly Meeting.
  2. Decisions may need to be made outside of Club Meetings, such decisions will be made by the Committee. The Committee’s decisions are final in all matters.

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