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Terms and Conditions of Sale
  1. All work remains the property of Texcellent Ltd (the Company) until it is paid for in full by you (the Buyer).
  2. The Company always reserves the right to alter advertised prices, specifications and colours at any time without prior notice except where a negotiated commission price has been agreed between Buyer and the Company.
  3. The Company will send the Buyer a written Acknowledgement of the Order. The Company regrets that Credit cannot be given unless previously agreed in writing.
  4. Where the Order is lower than £100 in value the Company will remit an Invoice to the Buyer with the Order Acknowledgment. This invoice is for the whole value of Order and the Company requires payment of the Invoice in full, unless mutually agreed otherwise, before starting work on the Order. The Order will be despatched to the Buyer as soon as possible depending on the complexity of the commission (normally no later than 30 days from the day of receipt of the Buyer's Payment).
  5. Where the Order is for greater than £100 in value the Company will require a deposit of 30% of the value of the order on receipt by the Buyer of the order invoice. This deposit must be paid by the Buyer before the Company can start work on the Order and cannot be refunded.
  6. The company will endeavour always to supply a sample for Buyer approval before embarking on a quantity order production run.
  7. When the order is ready for despatch the Company will notify the Buyer and will ask the Buyer to remit the balance of the order value. The Company will despatch the order as soon as the balance monies are received from the Buyer.
  8. The Buyer's legal right to cancel an order or return unwanted goods within 7 days is applicable to stock orders only.  It does not apply to Texcellent Ltd commission orders once accepted by the Company. 
  9. If the Buyer receives the Order and it is found to be damaged or faulty, the Company must be informed within 7 working days of the date of receipt of the Order by the Buyer. The Company will ask for the broken work to be returned to the Company at the Buyer's expense and a replacement will then be sent to the Buyer as soon as possible at the Company's expense. It is regretted that claims for damages will only be met if they are received within seven working days of the date of receipt of the broken goods by the Buyer.
  10. Postage and packing will be charged to the Buyer at £4.50 per parcel for Orders of up to £50 in value. Orders between £50 and £100 will be £7.00 per parcel. These two value categories will normally be despatched to the Buyer by Royal Mail. Orders greater than £100 in value will normally be sent by a National Carrier and the Buyer will be advised of the cost by email.
  11. Payment of the invoice amount may be made by sterling cheque drawn on a UK bank or building society. It is regretted that cheques drawn on foreign banks based outside the UK in sterling or in any other currency cannot be accepted.
  12. Clients wishing to pay via PAYPAL (recommended) will be emailed by the Company with instructions how to pay using this service. [See information on left]
  13. All job and specification correspondence prior to commission agreement will normally be carried out by email at no cost to the buyer.
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